Saturday, December 6, 2008

What to Do. . .

Rexburg nights can be a bit mundane -but only if you're not creative. Team 109, as we've come to be called, is always able to make the most of our time and find fun even when there's "nothing to do". We were headed out to toss the football around at the sports fields up the block from our place, when we realized that none of the field lights were still on. Luckily, (?) Trevik brought his camera and we got some classic roommate photos before the end of the semester. I know, they're hardly within the limits of the honor code, but how are you supposed to make a picture look innocent when you pose with a metal pole?
These were taken at the outdoor skating/hockey rink that's soon to open.

The only smart one is Levi -standing off to the right in the "I'll just stay comfortably over here" zone.

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