Friday, May 28, 2010


Not to gross you out, but ...for my Hydrology class, we visited the water treatment plant in Idaho Falls. Yes, the place where all the sewage water goes and gets turned into treated water.

I laughed out loud to see the sign posted on the side of the "aerating" tank. Because my first thought when I saw that brown foamy churning water was "Boy am I ever thirsty?!!!"

We didn't only visit the poo plant. We went to the hydro-electric plant, to Twin Falls, Thousand Springs, and a fish hatchery. I don't know what I like more, going to interesting new places, or the van ride with all the fun geology majors. Probably the van ride. There's no better bonding than that which takes place in a van full of students with nothing but time to chat/vent/laugh about life. And rocks. Can't forget the rocks.

Today I don't have class. Since our field trip took all day yesterday, our instructor wasn't going to make us have class today. With Monday being a holiday, I get a 4 day weekend! I was seriously tempted to see how much a round-trip plane ticket to Arizona would be... sigh.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Favorite Photos

I don't consider myself a great photographer; I've never had any sort of instruction or class on taking photos. But I do think I have an eye for the subtle beauties that surround us. It's part of why I study rocks.

I really love taking photos, almost more than anything. My pictures hold a lot of value to me. I've always been intrigued by photos because they capture a frame of time and can bring back memories almost as clearly as smells do.

For this post, I'm just going to shut up (after this) and post some of my very favorite photos.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Sights and Sounds of Spring

Apparently, you can get to Narnia through a portal on the BYUI campus.
Too bad everybody just walks right by without even trying.

Another shot of the ducks, this time with my real camera.

I love the warmth of the sun and the smell of the blossoming trees. It's spring! I'm so super glad!

Friday, May 14, 2010


I didn't learn what Serendipity meant until I was a missionary.

It is simply "good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries".

What a fortunate find I ...found ...on the drive home from the grocery store. Just before pulling into the parking lot at my complex, I had to slow down and let a Mama duck get across the road with her little duckling right behind.

Once in the parking lot, I jumped out to catch a picture with my phone. All the college students passing through the lot on their walk home caught site of the ducks on their way to ...wherever it is they were going.

I think it's finally Spring in Rexburg.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wrapping Up

I have that nagging feeling, like I'm walking around with one of my shoes untied. I think I'm too busy to stop for a few seconds and do something about it, but I never do until I get to where I'm going.

I have all these things I need to blog, and I just keep doing other things. Tonight I've got an hour or so, so I'm gonna tie the loose lace.

On the way home from Arizona (Yeah, I'm back-tracking that far. And doing it is making me miss Arizona. Again. Not for the last time.)

Oh, insert confession: My car's speedometer cable needs replaced. So, how do I know I'm not breaking the speed limit? I don't, and that's the beauty of it. Vroom! Vroom! No, I really will just find a car that seems like they're respectable drivers, then I stick behind them and keep speed. I was heading north of Panguitch. There are a few ways to connect to the I-15 from there. I always take the HWY-20 over. There are a lot of great volcanic features down that winding 20 mile road. However ...

This time, I was jamming out to some good music, following the car in front of me, and not really paying much attention to where I was going to turn off. Oops.

Luckily, I knew that there was another place where I could intersect another road that would take me to the I-15. I had been that way once on a very snowy ride home from a Geology trip to the Grand Canyon.

Boy am I glad I missed that turn! It really is the scenic route! Have you ever been to The Big Rock Candy Mountain? It really does exist, and it's right there in Utah. The colors are awesome. Another advantage to that route is that the connecting road is a fast highway (HWY 70) with multiple lanes, not a little winding road. It was a fast jaunt over to the I-15 going that way, and it passes by the Historic Cove Fort, which you actually get a glimpse of from the highway.

It was the most serendipitous mistake I've made in a long time. I love it when mistakes turn out to be beautiful. It doesn't happen all that often.

I was proud of my Dart making that long trek yet again. Such a good little hot rod. So there. My travelogue is complete.

Next, I've got to tell you about a show I went to on Friday. It was an Improv Comedy Night put on my "The Society". It's a group of LDS performers who travel around and do improv comedy. Not just your average performers. These are real celebrities. I'll list them and see if you know them. Ready?

Kirby Heyborne
You've seen him in several LDS themed movies. Saints and Soldiers, The RM, The Best Two Years, and my Personal Favorite, Sons of Provo ...just to name a few. He has been featured in other films, TV series, and commercials. Not only does he act, he is a musician with three successful solo albums.
Corbin Allred
Probably best well-known for his role as "Deacon" Greer in Saints and Soldiers, corbin was a champion clogger in his younger years. He starred in the ABC sitcom Teen Angel and has had prominent roles in other films such as Robin Hood Men in Tights and The Work and the Glory III.
Lincoln Hoppe
Lincoln also stars in Saints and Soldiers and has appeared on several TV series and movies such as Everwood, The Last Good War, The RM, and The Singles Ward. He's done a lot of vocal work as well, narrating audio books, video games, and commercials, and characters in animated films. He is also a professional writer for television and screen.He writes sketch comedy too with Kirby and much of their stuff can be found on YouTube, or at his website
Kelly Lohman
Kelly has trained for years with various Improv comedy troupes before joining The Society. Her TV and film credits include Days of Our Lives, Gilmore Girls, Bones, and The Hillside Strangler. She also directs theatrical productions when given the opportunity.

And here is their website:

I felt spoiled to be at this show. I didn't realize that the cast was all professional actors. I knew Kirby, but didn't quite realize that I'd be watching three very skilled and funny performers. I payed six dollars. You can't beat entertainment like that. There are some real perks to going to school here.

They even had a Meet and Greet session with the cast afterward. I could've gone, but I was okay not wading through the scads of young ladies. What a fun show.

And that brings us to today.
Today has been a very active day. I'm usually pretty active, but not this active. I walked to class, walked downtown after that, and then walked back home. I took a power nap, did some homework, then went to do an hour of cardio workout at the gym. After the gym, I came home to watch the Celtics and Cavs game. And had another quick power nap (unplanned). After the game, I joined a group of friends and went swimming. Whoo! ...I'm not as tired as after a long day of cowboyin' or farmin', but for a college kid, I'm pert near tuckered. I love how well I sleep after a day like that.

All right. I feel like I've told you all there is to currently say. Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh What a Beautiful ....Monday!

Mondays aren't always the greatest days. But yesterday turned out to be pretty danged good.

1) I got all caught up on homework for my Hydrology class.

2) I had a good lunch and caught part of "Firewall" starring Harrison Ford on AMC.

3) I made it to my afternoon meeting with time to spare.

4) I got a great deal on my Soymilk! It was on sale for 2.89, plus I had a 75 cents off coupon. They were out of the vanilla, so it was a great excuse to go with chocolate! Mmmm.

5) I caught the SUNS/SPURS game and enjoyed a SWEET VICTORY!

6) I played LEGO Rock Band for the first time and loved it.

7) I kicked back to see what was on TV prior to heading to bed. Oklahoma was playing on Turner Classic Movies. I watched the first half hour, then convinced myself it was time for bed. That's such a fun movie. I need to watch that one through again.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


I know I still need to write about my trip back up to Idaho, but I've got other thoughts that need to be freed first. If I don't do it now, I might forget. So here we go. This is an "I love" post.

I love the Phoenix Suns. It's sort of been instilled in me to cheer for them since I was a kid, but I was never much into sports as a kid. As a grown-up, I found that my grandmother (on the Hansen side) is one of the most die-hard Suns fans in the world. She's the one who really got me started watching. I started learning who the players were, learning their strengths. I came to really admire Steve Nash.

Over the last few years, I've stayed true to the team I've grown to love. I've hated to say goodbye to the players we traded: Shawn Marion. Raja Bell. But I've also been glad to watch the Suns acquire other spectacular new-comers.
It was a thrill to watch them beat the Trail Blazers Thursday night. I get to watch them move on in the playoffs. I love my Suns.

I don't often say it, but I love reading. More than almost any other activity. Sometimes I don't make time for it, but when I do, I always feel like I'm refreshed. This past semester, I tackled tons of books that I'd been wanting to read (and re-read). Here's the tally: The Hobbit. The Faith of a Scientist (Henry Eyring). The Great Gatsby. Jurassic Park. Ender's Game.

It's amazing how satisfying and refreshing reading can be. I'm always especially amazed at how reading the scriptures can just boost your optimism and change your whole attitude.

I'm really grateful I can read and that I grew up in a home where it was encouraged. Some of my most cherished memories are of my Mom taking time to read aloud to us. We read Charlotte's web. And the Friend. One night when the power went out, my Mom lit a candle, set it on a saucer, and set it on the living room floor. We sat around and listened to her read from the Friend. Then the saucer got too warm and melted a dark circle into the carpet. We cut a square of carpet out and "spliced" in another chunk. That odd square in the living room carpet always brought back fond memories.

In the future, wherever my path leads, I hope it one day includes a room full of books, lots of good old books and a comfy chair where I can spend time getting lost in the splendor of literature.

I think I'm all thunk out now.