Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh What a Beautiful ....Monday!

Mondays aren't always the greatest days. But yesterday turned out to be pretty danged good.

1) I got all caught up on homework for my Hydrology class.

2) I had a good lunch and caught part of "Firewall" starring Harrison Ford on AMC.

3) I made it to my afternoon meeting with time to spare.

4) I got a great deal on my Soymilk! It was on sale for 2.89, plus I had a 75 cents off coupon. They were out of the vanilla, so it was a great excuse to go with chocolate! Mmmm.

5) I caught the SUNS/SPURS game and enjoyed a SWEET VICTORY!

6) I played LEGO Rock Band for the first time and loved it.

7) I kicked back to see what was on TV prior to heading to bed. Oklahoma was playing on Turner Classic Movies. I watched the first half hour, then convinced myself it was time for bed. That's such a fun movie. I need to watch that one through again.

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