Friday, May 28, 2010


Not to gross you out, but ...for my Hydrology class, we visited the water treatment plant in Idaho Falls. Yes, the place where all the sewage water goes and gets turned into treated water.

I laughed out loud to see the sign posted on the side of the "aerating" tank. Because my first thought when I saw that brown foamy churning water was "Boy am I ever thirsty?!!!"

We didn't only visit the poo plant. We went to the hydro-electric plant, to Twin Falls, Thousand Springs, and a fish hatchery. I don't know what I like more, going to interesting new places, or the van ride with all the fun geology majors. Probably the van ride. There's no better bonding than that which takes place in a van full of students with nothing but time to chat/vent/laugh about life. And rocks. Can't forget the rocks.

Today I don't have class. Since our field trip took all day yesterday, our instructor wasn't going to make us have class today. With Monday being a holiday, I get a 4 day weekend! I was seriously tempted to see how much a round-trip plane ticket to Arizona would be... sigh.

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