Friday, May 4, 2012

Where Have I Been?

Let the silence be broken. Or, for you Nacho fans, let the Silencio bruise his bunions.
Either way, I haven't posted this year at ALL! SHOOT!

You'd think I had a New Year's resolution to neglect blogging or something, but you are wrong. I'm still alive. I've just had a lot of work-y opportunities lately.

I've also occupied some of my "leisure time" (that was a joke) with Pinterest (a given), YouTube (a universal constant in my life), and a new iPhone app called "Draw Something".

All that, and add facebook, and my young modern self is completely ensnared in a cyber-spatial labarynth from which few, if any, escape. Is it any wonder I haven't been blogging?

Well, I'm posting this now to share with you some of my favorite guilty pleasures. I would post links, but for some reason (and don't think I haven't tried and tried and tried to make it work), I can't embed links in my posts on blogger. It doesn't work.

So, to share the goodness with you, I'm posting screen shots. Any time you're bored or need a laugh, or need to eliminate some "leisure time" (anyone living in Joseph City should be laughing at all 3 of those suggestions), take my suggestions for the best YouTube videos ever. Rewatch them if it's been awhile. I'm sure not all of them will be appreciated as much by you as they are by me, but I practically live by the humor I find in these things. It brings a smile to my face even during the most trying days.

Here they are:

And two of my absolute favorites, Harvard Sailing Team and Julian Smith (watch the Harvard Sailing Team videos in the order I have them arranged).

I have to add, if you haven't seen Glozelle on YouTube, check her videos while you're at it. May I suggest her "cinnamon challenge" video for starters.
Join me next time (hopefully not months away) for a post about "My Favorite Things".

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