Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Hallow's Blast of an Evening

Halloween was awesome. Tom and I met some new friends at a service project, and we decided to merge our plans for Halloween night.
Here's the agenda:
1) carve amazing jack-o-lanterns
2) go eat at the Backyard (an amazingly good n' greasy burger place)
3) go get into costumes
4) go reverse trick-or-treating
5) watch The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

We really wanted to go to the Haunted Mill too, but we just couldn't squeeze all the awesome ideas into one night. We still had a blast, and the dino-jammies made their second debut, combined with super-hero capes made from a Spiderman tablecloth from the party section at Walmart (this is a super cool and cheap costume idea -just FYI).
These girls were a lot of fun.


Alona said...

Your jack-o-lantern is fantastic! Very spooky!

Stormy said...

It looks like it was tons of fun! I still love the jammies! lol

Alicia said...

Last time I checked, there weren't this many pictures!
Here's what I was trying to text you tonight (stupid phone...):
I mailed your birthday package today. I was going to put some delicious cookies in it, but I burned them. I never burn cookies! I don't know what happened, I was just watering my plants and I... burned your cookies. Anyway, I hope you get it in time for your big special day.
If not, I blame the postmaster. You know why.