Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Last night, I went with my roommates to the most incredibly cool Haunted House I've ever been to, the Haunted Mill in Teton, Idaho. We want to go again.
Here's the website: http://www.thehauntedmillinteton.com/Home.html
It normally costs 10 bucks per person, but last night was half-off so we got a screamin' deal. OK, that was a really bad pun.
But it was well worth 10 dollars. It was super creepy and super fun. We laughed and screamed the whole time and laughed at each other. I only wish we could've taken pictures. They have a "tour" link on the website that gives you a bit of an idea of what it's like.
It was so cool and so much fun!

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Stormy said...

That's so fun! I am a lame-o and didn't do any cool Halloween activities this year!