Saturday, December 5, 2009

We Interrupt our Regularly-Scheduled Program... bring you this unimportant announcement: Hi. I'm still here.

I've got the urge to just write out some stuff. I do, so sue me.

First, have I told you that I officially love the show Cash Cab? I love trivia, I love surprise, I love the host Ben Bailey. I could watch it all day, but then my homework wouldn't get done. I actually did several hours of homework today. I just printed out a 3-page paper for a class on Monday, and felt satisfied that I had finished all of my homework. Except that 10 minute persuasive speech that I have to finish writing to be given on Tuesday, oh ...and those two peer-evaluations I have to do. I guess I was correct in saying that I "felt" satisfied.

Life is pretty busy, but also pretty fun and interesting. I guess that's pretty typical for the life of a student.

Can I tell you what thrilled me the other day? While in the donor chair at the plasma center, they played "Monsters Vs. Aliens". I found it to be really clever and entertaining. So I was enjoying myself, needle-in-arm and all. Then that ended, and they started a new movie. I'll give you a hint at what it was: "A Red-Rider BB-gun with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time..."

I spent the last minutes of my donating chuckling, smiling, and bursting out in full-blown laughter. It's interesting how psychological the whole donating process is. With a little bit of experience, getting familiar with the place and process and people who work there, you actually look forward to that needle stick. I never thought I'd say that. I was the world's biggest wuss when it came to needles. Now, they hardly phase me. Ok, I still don't watch them poke me, but I'm completely fine with it. Another interesting note -yes, I am paid for giving plasma. But they technically are not "buying" your plasma. They are compensating you for the time spent donating. So you really are donating your plasma to help make life-saving products for others. Just so you know.

That about does it. I'm still here chief. Er ...chiefs. Chieftains? Whatever.
Let's end with a quote:
"OK, Ralphie -you win this time ...BUT WE'LL BE BACK!!!"

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