Friday, December 25, 2009

Welcome, Christmas!

It's not Who-ville, it's an even sweeter alternative.
On Christmas Eve, some of my day was spent shooting the breeze with my brothers at Hansen's Auto, Shooting things with my brothers new rifle, and playing with my nephew and nieces. It's great to be home for the holiday break, to be home for Christmas.
Before Christmas is over entirely, I wanted to do a post that captures this Christmas -in words and pictures.
We had a lot of family here this year, horse rides, ham, orange rolls, fajitas, and more festive moments than you could shake a peppermint stick at.
Let it be said that we made more than "rather merry". We made very merry all day long. This year, the gift that stands out above the rest is the gift of being surrounded by home and family -these are memories to cherish.

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