Monday, April 5, 2010

Another Wonderful Weekend

I talked to my Mom on Easter Sunday. She bragged about the big tasty lunch they were having. While I missed out big time on her Mandarin Orange Salad, I took some consolation in some other pleasantries.

1 -that I was on a road trip seeing some really fun people
2 -that I got to be inside the conference center for the Saturday morning session
3 -that while my family ate the fatted ...pig? (they had ham), I was enjoying the delights of Panda Express
4 -that I'd be driving home to Joseph City soon enough, where I might be able to talk my Mom into making some more of that tasty salad ...although, the cottage cheese will make me itchy, still totally worth it.

I thought that was enough, but when I got back into Rexburg last night, this was what I had waiting:
Just when I was about to stop believing in the dopey rabbit, he somehow found a way (with the help of my Sister's fam) to visit my house! No wonder I didn't get a dang basket in Utah! He brought my goodies here! (complete with notes from Danny, Eash, Lacy, and the little Trent boy)

Some other highlights of the weekend:
My mission reunion! I have been to Pres. Gardner's reunion several times, this time I went to Pres. Garrett's. The chapel we met at was the most ornate and unique LDS chapel I've ever visited (inside the chapel, there are open rafters that have scriptural phrases printed on them in large letters):
It was a small gathering, but that meant that we could spend more time chatting with the people we knew. I was lucky enough to have several companions and friends among the group, including Elder Plaizier, whom I hadn't seen since the mission. Here's a picture of Pres. and Sister Garrett (with Tod Robbins's head in the foreground):
Here's the mission banner we signed when we entered the mission:

The reunion was great. I'm so glad I went, and glad that everyone else who came was there too.

I got to stay with my friend Devin and meet some of the awesome people from his mission. Not so awesome was the way this dude took our picture. I asked him to back up, but he insisted on a close-up. I could've slapped him, and I should've. We're not tryin' to sell make up, man. We're wanting to capture a good memory. Gosh! He took three shots, and this one is the least awful:
I think he was trying to be funny. He didn't succeed.

And lastly, but not least:
How do you get Mexican vanilla in Idaho? You just have to know the right Mexican. (Thanks, Steph!)
Later this week, I'll be heading down to Joseph City for about 10 days. That, in itself, should be a great adventure. Stay tuned.


Misti and Stratton said...

Oh man I wish we would of known we went to conference too. It was alot of fun but it would of been fun to see you and Devin I can't believe he is going to BYU and a nurse haha should be good for him. Well it was good to hear from you.

Alicia said...

I'm so glad you liked our package! I know it wasn't much, but it was utterly stuffed with love, okay?

Can't wait to see you!

Steph said...

I am so glad the bunny found you...I was a little worried, but glad our rider friend in the back seat gave you an egg just in case.
And I just have to laugh at the guy that took your pic. That's real awesome of him.

Thanks for the tunes, I have enjoyed listening to something out of the that you had ManĂ¡ on there.

Steven said...

Yeah, Steph. ManĂ¡ is great. I love that my gringo ears can understand most of it.

Alona said...

Fun post! I'm glad you got to go to conference and to a mission reunion! Also, I'm a big fan of Mexican vanilla. I have to be creative to get it. Last time, I just went on a cruise down there! :)