Friday, April 2, 2010

On the Road. Again.

Last week, I spent 3 days in Utah. Here we go again. I'm headed down for my mission reunion and to spend general conference weekend "where the action is".
It's nice to be so close to Salt Lake.
As for the picture with this post, I took it with my phone at the grocery store. Does your local grocery store sell realwhite bunnies and baby chicks? Mine does. It's funny to watch girls stop by the tank and hear all the "Awww"s. There's a sign that says "Please do not touch the bunnies or the chicks". You're asking the impossible there.

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Steph said...

That's a great poem! I can't believe she was only 14 when she wrote it. It's crazy to think that something so simple as what we fill our minds with, we can become. Thanks again for the nice visit this weekend.