Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Strange Habits

"We all have quirks: too few makes a person dull, too many makes them awkward, but the right amount makes them undeniably endearing."

Now, I started with that in quotes and italics so you'd automatically read it as some wise insight to grab your attention. It's really my own thought, so give me the credit if you ever use it.

It's taken decades to cultivate my quirky way of approaching life, and although I don't typically broadcast the things that make me a little odd, they may seem interesting or even entertaining to someone outside of my routine.

Here we go:

I start each day by drinking a warm cup of water with a tsp. of apple cider vinegar mixed in.

I almost never use face wash anymore -I use an olive oil/castor oil cleanse. That's right: oil on the face, steam a few times with a washrag soaked in hot water, and wipe clean.

I drink a glass of clay water every other day.

I end each shower by switching the water to cold for a good 2 or 3 minutes; James Bond does it too, so there.

I only shampoo my hair maybe once a week. I "wash" it with conditioner about every other day.

I tie almost every food or candy wrapper in a tight neat knot (fold it flat, continue folding until it's long and slender, then loop one end over the other) before throwing it away.

I never sleep on my stomach. Like ever. Maybe that's because I have a massive chest and my rib cage is uncomfortable when I lay on top of it. But anyway...

I wash my dishes immediately after I use them. Maybe it's due to the fact that I can't stand to let them pile into a daunting chore-stack.

I take power naps. They range from about 10 to 20 minutes in length, and I just automatically wake up when I'm all done.

I can't stand to just cut my fingernails; that jagged edge has to be filed smooth immediately.

That's it. Those are all my strange every day habits.

So how do I rank: dull, awkward, or undeniably endearing?


MERN said...

undeniable freaking endearing! DUH. :) If anyone things differently then I don't trust their judgement.

liftonlife said...

I drink a warm cup of water every morning when I wake up too! I never thought of putting Apple Cider Vinegar in it though. Thank you for all of the other ideas!