Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Fever

Spring fast approaches, and while I'm not entirely sure what is meant by the phrase, I think I've got spring fever. The change in the weather has gotten me hopeful and excited, while anticipation of general conference adds to the excitement, the end of the semester approaches, and while I'm excited to complete the courses, I'm also dreading exams, while at the same time looking forward to the start of a new semester and the summer weather. Also, for the first time in my life, I've started dusting regularly. I used to leave stuff until I saw a blatantly obvious need for dusting, and then do it. Now, I'm using a dust rag maybe twice a week, and I even picked up one of those air-dusting cans to dust off my books, rocks, laptop, and keyboard.
This semester has just blown by -much faster than others for some reason. I look back and wonder where it all went. I still have 2 great field trips to look forward to: one to southern Utah, and one to northern Arizona (Yeah!).
Here's to hoping the fever breaks without causing permanent psychological problems!

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