Tuesday, March 3, 2009

As of Late

Since Sunday, temperatures have been nice and mild -this year, March is coming in like a lamb. And we've had some nice gentle rain. I love the rain -especially when snow is all I've been seeing fall from the sky. Everything outside smells so fresh and new. Last night, as I lay in bed, I was soothed by the sound of raindrops falling on the metal roofing that covers the stairwells outside. I wished that I could go to sleep to that every night.
For my oceanography & weather class, we're required to do a cloud project; we take pictures of clouds we see and classify them. We have to do 15 different cloud types, and only 2 repeats (two photos of the same cloud type). This has added to my awareness of what's in the sky -and it blows my mind what I've been missing out on! Seriously, you can let yourself get so focused on what's down here below, that it takes a dramatically colorful sunset to even call your attention to the sky.
I challenge you to try at least a miniature cloud project. Keep your camera handy when you go outside. Collect photos of different cloud types, and then classify them. The internet has tons of diagrams to help you in classification. If you do, I promise you that it will change your life. You'll notice more of the beauty around you. You'll be amazed.
On a side note, here's my daily epiphany: one item that I love, but don't often enjoy is gummy-worms. I love 'em, but I rarely have them! Hmmm.


Lindy said...

Hey Steven! I know what you mean about the clouds--I took a metereology class a few semesters back and we would have pop quizes every so often on what type of clouds were in the sky that day. It was nice to be forced to spend a few minutes every other day to just stare into the amazing sky :)
Love ya cuz!

MERN said...

Thats a really cool challenge! I am going to put that on my list of things to do when my camera is fixed!!
You, Steve, Are amazing.

Cheryl said...

I completely agree with you on the rain! I absolutely loved it!

Andra said...

The rain was a little cold! Shiver.

What is the friendliest website to use for cloud-classification?

Steven said...

Andra: I don't have one to recommend. There are several. I find visual diagrams the most helpful, but descriptions are also great. Do a google image search for "cloud classification". Also, if you can find a site that explains the meaning of the latin names, it makes a lot more sense.