Saturday, February 21, 2009

Random Points of Fact

I've got a lot of stuff to say, and no common thread between subjects, so I'm just lumping it all together.
First off, I'm going to rescind my promise of never swiping photos from the web to post. I mean, I just have to have a photo of a squirrel that's eating pizza with this post, and I just don't think I'd catch that photo opp. any time soon. So with that, here's the rest of the post.

Pet Peeve: A dish-towel in the kitchen is used for drying things like clean hands or clean dishes. It really bothers me when people use it to wipe up spills! You don’t wipe up tuna-fish juice and spaghetti sauce with the towel you dry your hands and dishes on! Apparently, some kids never learned the difference between a “wash-rag” and a “dish towel”. This astounds me.

Great news! I applied to be part of the choir that will sing in the priesthood session of general conference, and I found out today that I was accepted! So if you’re going to the priesthood session, look for me in the choir! I’m stoked!

I have a new phone. I signed a new contract with Verizon and got a new phone. It has video capabilities. So send on those video messages! I still use my old phone as an address book and alarm clock. After 2 years of waking up to the “Bubble Toes” ring-tone by Jack Johnson, I’m not about to change.

I saw a squirrel eating a slice of pizza on my walk home from school two days ago. As I’m allergic to milk products, I can’t have cheese. And though the pizza was probably found on the ground or in a garbage can, I still envied the little guy –he can eat pizza, and I can’t.


strongmom said...

Congrats, I may have to sneak in to the Priesthood session just to look for you in the choir, since they don't broadcast that one on KBYU.

Steven said...

Do it -or check with your local bishop to borrow the recording.

Misti and Stratton said...

Hey Stevo its your favorite friends Misti and Stratton, How are you doing? We were just thinking when does Devin come home from his mission?

Alicia said...

I can't have pizza either.

But you don't hear me gripin'.


(That's a lie. I gripe all the time about it. As Lacy would say, "I want it!")