Friday, February 6, 2009

A list of 25

There is something happening on facebook -everybody is writing a note with 25 random facts about themselves. After a bit, I tanked. Here's the out-come:

It seems like almost everyone I know has followed suit and posted a list of 25 random facts and tagged friends who they'd like to see make a list as well.
I toyed with the idea of just putting my shopping list on here: eggs, crackers, orange juice, ....
But that seemed like a bit of a cop-out.

OK, GO! (love that band)

1) I have a habit of folding wrappers (candy wrappers, chip bags, etc.) into a long strip and tying it into a knot before throwing it away. I don't do it every time, just most of the time. I wonder if that is diagnosable as some kind of disorder...

2) I found out that I have a new pet-peeve. I can't stand the OCD channel-flippers. Somebody has command of the remote control, and they flip to a show for 2 minutes; just enough time to get your interest peaked, then change the channel and repeat the cycle. I guess I never knew anybody who did this ---'til recently. AND IT DRIVES ME MAD!

3) I really like orange marmalade -I've always got some in my cupboard. So if you're ever on a scavenger hunt....

4) One time on my blog, I wrote a list of "100 facts about me". This 25 is a piece of cake!

5) I love the All-American Rejects and I want their new album. I think most of you know already, but I love Jack Johnson. I have all his albums. Even some obscure ones that aren't his mainstream popular stuff.

6) I want to go back to Canada really really bad. (I'M SO CLOSE!)

7) I'm really enthusiastic about geology. I don't understand the general public opinion that it's boring. I study what made the earth, the mountains, how volcanoes work, what made mountains and continents, dinosaurs, the list goes on. Where was the boring part?

8) I periodically buzz my head, just because. (My hair grows super fast. It's been a week since I buzzed it, and it's nearly back to what it was ...almost)

9) I think that photos are probably one of my most valued possesions.

10) I love to travel.

11) The University is accepting applications for a men's choir to sing in the priesthood session of General Conference. I applied. (fingers crossed)

12) I'm a little peeved at the Brits for banning apostrophes from their road signs. And they say their English is proper? Pish posh.

13) If I had more leisure time right now, I would spend it reading classic literature.

14) I love the TV show Prison Break. I also really like 24 and LOST, but Prison Break tops them all. I'm not current with any of them but LOST. I usually wait for the seasons to come to DVD so I don't have to suffer through commercials and week-long waits. I'm getting a little burnt out on LOST though. I think it happened when they started time-warping and confusing me. I'm wanting to try watching Heroes. I've heard enough good things about it that it might be worth looking into.

15) I lost my favorite pair of aviator sunglasses (again). If you know where they're at, please tell me! This is the third time I've lost them, and probably the final. You never know though -they came back twice!

16) TV shows I hate with a passion: Family Guy, Adult Swim, King of the Hill. There are a lot of others that I don't like and won't watch, but these three are just plain garbage.

17) When I'm in a swimming pool, I can squirt water out of my hand higher than anyone I've ever met. Talk about a special talent, I've really been blessed!

18) I didn't like the ShamWOW commercial guy at first -then I started to think he was funny. Now he's doing the SlapChop commercial, and now I think he's hilarious!

19) My favorite character on Napolean Dynamite is Uncle Rico.

20) I absolutely LOVE Nacho Libre. I didn't think much of it the first time, and even fell asleep. But not anymore. I like it. My favorite character is "Esqueleto" (Steven) despite his freaky smile.

21) Call me old fashioned, but I still use CDs all the time.

22) I'm fascinated with the ocean. I want to live on the coast someday. (Some beach, somewhere)

23) I don't care how silly it is, I really really like the movie She's the Man. I could watch it once or twice a week and not get sick of it.

24) I've tried Soy ice-cream and it's surprisingly good.

25) Random quote: (I said this, not meaning it to sound ego-centric, about the amount of friends I have on facebook) "I have so many friends, it's ridiculous." It came out sounding pretty stuck-up, but Caitlin laughed.


Alicia said...

I noticed number one when you were at my house once. I didn't say anything -I was afraid of messing with your system.

I agree with number two. To the "n"th degree.

Geology isn't boring. It just has a bad rap. Or rep.

I still smile when I think of the picture of you (head buzzed) holding Lacy (baldy baby).

Let me know if you make it into the choir. No. Don't. Just send me a text that says: I got the results back about the choir thing. And then I'll call you and say, "Did you get the part in the pageant?" And whether or not you made it, you'll get a good laugh.

HOLD THE PHONE. No 's?!?! Lynne Trusse must be fuming at the mouth. Fuming! Or she's running around the countryside with a black marker "writing" the wrong.

I didn't like Nacho Libre the first time either. Now I can barely eat a potato chip without first saying, "Did you tell heem they were the Lord's cheeps?"

I love She's the Man too. The first time I watched it, Lacy was a tiny baby and I was living with Mom and Dad. When Danny came home from the Academy that weekend, I made him watch it because it made me laugh so hard. He didn't apreciate it. At least, not the first time. I bought it a week later and watch it all the time.
Ew. Are you hitting on me?

I've never tried Soy ice cream. But I've taken to tofu. Just admitting that makes me feel like I should grow my arm pit hairs out for a week and wear earth-toned sandals.

I might just have to copy this. Even though I already did a list of 100. That was, like, a while back. I'm a changed woman these days (I eat tofu. Hello.)

mistydunny said...

Stevis! Thanks for adding me to your blog list, I am pretty new to the blogging world, but so far I like it. I am here for you bro, I've got a lifetime of knowledge!

Kay said...

We've done the soy ice cream at our house because our little one is allergic to dairy and it's not too bad. The lactose free is better though, it actually tastes like real ice cream! ☺