Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Did Some Fixin'

(WARNING: this post provokes critical thinking)
I was fixin' to do it, and I did.
(Does that remind anyone of Danny Hutchens???)
Look at the photo below of the John Bushman home in Joseph City. Let's test your memories. I went and made some changes to the photo I had originally posted, and uploaded the new one. Can you spot what's different?
I just used the "Paint" program that comes standard on any PC.
I just know the right tricks.
The first one to point out the difference wins!
(I don't know what you win -maybe I'll have my sister deliver you a plate of cookies. And if enough of you git it right all at once, well then she'll be handin' 'em out like M&Ms.)
Oh, and Mr. Hutchens, you rock.


strongmom said...

You fixed the fence posts. And the snow seems whiter on the roof?

Steven said...

Close -good guesses.
Since you are the only one who's guessed, I'm giving you the prize (lousy readers!).
There's a sign posted (on the fence) that blocks out a lot of the lower right part of the house. I took that out. I'll post the original for comparison in my next post.

strongmom said...

You're right! It might snow tonight, I guess I'll have to get out the camera and try to take some shots of the house tomorrow. I love the picture that Julie posted on her FB that you took of the house in the summer.