Monday, February 9, 2009

I've Come to Grips With it...

I'm realizing something that I'm reluctant to admit. Deep down, I am a nerd. No matter how incredibly "cool" I think I am, I can never change the fact that I have a passion for science. I attend my morning chemistry class brimming with anticipation, wondering what new conversion process we'll apply with balanced chemical equations. I am thrilled when I see the 100 level geology students in the lab studying their mineral samples and I have time to go in and get involved. I also have a passion for classic literature and love it when I can discuss it with people who share that passion.

So I'm a nerd -so what? I have a positive outlook. Here's why: I am determined to balance out my nerdy enthusiasm with good qualities. I will be a well-rounded, pleasant, enjoyable, good-humored, physically-fit, hygienic nerd. And I swear that I will never wear a pocket-protector (those are for engineers).
My nerd tendencies make the show "Big Bang Theory" all the more enjoyable and make the world a vastly interesting place.

So, while all the superficial air-heads struggle through their college courses on their way to fighting boredom for the rest of their lives, I'll be frolicking in the giant museum called earth, taking breaks at intervals to tackle a piece of classic literature. The world will never be boring!


Stormy said...

I won't lie, you're the coolest nerd I've ever met! :)

Alicia said...

Hear, hear.

(That's me pretending to be a member of British Parliment circa 1777 and pounding my walking cane on the wood flooring. Do you like my powder wig?)

kristal said...