Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tonight! Tonight! It's Comin' Tonight!

Well, more like this afternoon. FedEx should be bringing it by! I won it! A replacement camera. I just love the fact that I won't be feeding Walmart's gluttonous greediness by buying one from them.
And with the dawning of a new day in camera ownership, I make a promise; all of my posts and my background picture shall be my own work -not photos snatched up from the web. (The background photo is my own work, FYI)
And just as I typed that last bit, MY MAJOR AWARD KNOCKED AT THE DOOR! YAY!


strongmom said...

Did you happen to "win" it on e-bay? I hope whoever stole your old one is eaten away with guilt.

Steven said...

Yes, my first win on ebay. Although, I think Yahoo should just give me a major award for solving so many of their "silly puzzles". I'm working on a clever letter to send to The Scroll, our campus newspaper, all about the experience of having a camera stolen inside one of the Lord's dedicated houses of learning! Maybe that will add to the sense of guilt, and someone just might turn in the "lost" item to the Lost and Found.

Alicia said...

Congrats on your win -what a thrill. I remember winning a maternity dress once. Right after that, I won a dress for Lacy (they were our Easter dresses last year), and then I stopped myself. I got too excited.

Lacy was mad what I clicked away from your page because it was playing her song (Walk Like A Man). Now she's trying to climb on me and saying, "All done. Turn it on." Which, translated means, "You're done with the computer. Turn it off, lady, or else."

kristal said...

ahhh, so what kind? I buy a lot of my camera gear off of e bay. An e bay store called cameta. Congrats, whip out some killer pics now!