Monday, March 30, 2009

My Legs Hurt

After 4 days in the field, I'm back in Rexburg. Our drive back from the Grand Canyon was snowy and cold, but the roads weren't bad. I thought Spring was here. Nature has something else in mind. This trip was amazing. Once we hiked down to Indian Gardens, our group (led by the fearless "Pec") went off the trail in search of trilobite burrows (trace fossils),indian ruins, and an outcrop of the great unconformity (the surface that represents an enormous gap in the rock record).
It did my heart good to be in my home state again for awhile. Soaking up some sunshine felt kinda good too. Our hike down and back was somewhere around 11 miles long, and my calves are feeling it today. But we conquered that canyon, and it that feels great.
Here are my field trip companions:
We're going to have a Lord of the Rings movie marathon sometime in the near-future.

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Alicia said...

That's a lot of walking! And those trilobites are pretty huge. Glad they're gone. Creepy little...