Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One Sad Story, With a Rather Cheery End

Rather than mess with the "once upon a time" and all the other "set-the-stage mumbo-jumbo", I'm going right for the tragedy scene. Here it is: I deleted all the photos from my Grand Canyon trip up until the time we stopped to have lunch at Indian gardens. Apparently, there's a "delete all photos in this file" option. And as I tried to delete one fuzzy photo from my camera, I accidently deleted the WHOLE FILE to that point. It makes me want to yell, cry, and break something all at the same time. Honestly, who thought of that function in the first place? It's like a car manufacturer offering a "massive engine failure switch" option in their latest sedans. Seriously, I think this function was engineered by some vindictive person who tried at love and lost, just so they'd have a way to delete all photos of their ex in one dramatic push of a button. They should've added the fateful DUN-DUN-DUNNNNN! sound-effect to really get the point across.
I think most people would be irked at the fact that tons of their photos were gone for good, but for me my photos are really one of my most valued items. I don't like a lot of physical stuff, I like to live simply. But photos are my thing. Add geology to the equation, and they become ultra (yes, italicized) important. So of our 4 days in the field, the first 2 and a half are only preserved in memory and in my field notes.
But then, ....(cue the pleasant strain of sappy string music) along came Jedd. He had his camera the whole time, and it didn't trash any of his photos! And he uploaded them to the geology department's network drive, where we can all access them!
Jedd, my friend, you are a modern-day hero. But then, we already knew that.


Rebekah said...

I am sorry you lost your photos, but Jedd's are okay and I hear Dr. Little posted his and he has like a thousand or so...but not of clouds. Just the rocks. Thank goodness you took great notes!

Steven said...

I've noticed that Bro. Little's photos include almost NO human specimens! That's half the fun of the experience! But I guess when you've got such a passion for sediment ...or was it pediment. (smile) My notes would only be second-rate (not world-class) without your guidance. You seriously rocked. I mean, you bled for us. Ahhh! The memories make me wish we were still out camping in the cold (with some hot jambalaya of course).

Alicia said...

That is a retarded function. I'm with you on the photo thing. I sometimes wake up at night worrying about my photos.

Is one back-up enough?
Is two?

I'll never get his first year back, what if the house burns down?

What if it's burning down right now?

Then I worry myself to sleep. Which I don't think is healthy. But what can you do?

C&KMillerAcres said...

I love reading your and Alicias blogs. They always make me laugh. I wish I could be as creative. Why you little... have a nice day!!