Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tut, tut. It looks like...

I really want to share all of my cloud photos. But I really wouldn't know where to start. Maybe I'll just turn them into a book, one that you keep on your living room table (or next to your toilet, if that's your style; I'm not gonna judge you).
In any case, I've decided to share the ones just from today. Today, the clouds kept changing and moving. I seriously could've "parked my fanny" in a lawn chair and watched it like a stage performance. I only took a few photos, one with my cell-phone. Around 12:30, we some of the brightest white fat cumulus clouds. Then, in the late evening, the storm clouds rolled in and we've got lots of hail, lightning, thunder, and a good downpour of rain. For some reason, rainstorms always make me want to do one of three things: go for a good run in the rain and get good and soaked in that fresh goodness from above, drive around in it and splash through the puddles, or sit down with a good book next to a window, partly open, so I can see and smell the rain. It's usually the book option.
But today, it was the blog option.
Tomorrow is Easter (or "Easters" as I'm wanting to call it ever since Nacho Libre).
And while family is miles away, they can rest assured that I'm not whiling away the holiday alone in my apartment watching Charlton Heston part the Red Sea as I hang my lonely little head over my cold plate of tear-soaked deviled eggs.
I'm joining with a group of also-not-going-to-be-home-for-Easter friends for lunch. We'll have a nice roast and all the fancy fixings. They want me to bring a drink or dessert, but I'm tempted to fix up a batch o' "Taters" while I'm at it. "Easter Taters." Hmmm. I think I may be onto something. This could become a new tradition faster than you can even say 'coon huntin' on a Saturdee.


Alicia said...

I'm glad you still have some friends though not so many as you ought, Mr. Wickham.

I probably got that quote wrong. Who givza?

I have to say, since I've watched Nacho Libre I can't eat a corn chip without saying, "Did you tell heem they are thee Lord's cheeps?"

We're thinking of you, brother.

strongmom said...

I took cloud pictures today, too. Weird. I am making orange rolls, and potatoes are considered dessert in our family as well.

Alicia said...

Why not make a few picnik collages of your clouds?

jody j balda said...

Nice picture of the clouds! I remember as a kid laying on the trampoline and watching the clouds go by. It was the best way to spend lazy summer days. And I remember in Holland I don't think I have ever seen clouds travel so fast! It almost made you dizzy. Clouds are very cool things. Thanks for the post.

Andra said...

So glad you came!! .. have you ever tried tater tots dropped one by one into ice cream? Root beer float is actually my preferred dipping sauce for tater tots.