Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Whole New Apartment

You have no idea how difficult is was to find this image! Anyhow, I'm all moved in. A new place. Well, it has the exact layout of my last apartment, and doesn't seem much different, but it's got a different number on the door. And it's a bit closer to campus.
Yesterday, As I sat in my room unpacking, my new roommate (the only other one here yet) decided to take a shower. That's when I found out that he's got a nice resounding low tenor voice. In full double forte, with MUCHO gusto, he belted out "You Raise Me Up" -the classic by Josh Groban, and "A Whole New World". Yes, the Disney classic. This made my day! I'm not sure he was aware that I was still in the apartment. I enjoyed a solo concert and found out very quickly what kind of potential this guy has.
It was sort of inspiring. He had no reservations about singing out, with all he had in him, as he showered. I haven't done that in years. Where has the self-assuredness of my youth gone?
Maybe I'll return the favor and sing out next time I'm in the shower. But what will I sing? Any suggestions?


Alicia said...

The accoustics in the bathroom are pretty irresistable.

I request that you sing some Ricky Martin (She Bangs!)
Lacy requests either "Walk Like a Man" or "Chitty Bang Bang".
If Danny were here, he'd request you sing, "Eternal Flame." I'm sure of it. Well, that. And some 50 cent.

Cat said...

How about "Ed Sullivan, Eeeeeed Ed Sullivan"! "And don't ever give an emperor a warm 7-up"!

Steven said...

Now there's one I know well. "Me, Harry Macafee appearing with ...Ed Sullivan! I've got a wonderful wife, two swell kids, a good job, and now this. I am so very happy!"

Cat said...

Definitely a classic, & you sang it so well. The picture of you & your "little family" are forever etched in my memory.