Tuesday, November 3, 2009

On All Hallow's Eve

Halloween. It came fast and went by even faster. The jack-o-lantern in the photo was my third to carve this season. It belonged to our FHE sisters, who put off carving it too long, so they sent it home with us. I schemed up an idea for a face, then free-hand carved it. This is by far my favorite of this year.

Since we love Halloween so much, my roommate Mike and I decided to extend the season another week and celebrate again on Saturday. Call us crazy, but Halloween is just so much fun, and now all the stuff is on clearance! WOO HOO!

More pictures to come, I promise.
Me and Mike were "Blood Brothers". It was a last minute costume idea that cost us under 12 bucks, split two ways. We sure know how to bargain shop.

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