Sunday, November 29, 2009

Let the Festivities Begin!

It's officially time to give in to those nagging urges to belt out some Bing Crosby ...or whatever Christmas tunes you're a thinkin' of. Pull out the Christmas movies, stories, music, and decorations. Have you waited all year for this? I hope so. If not, pretend you did.
Some folks (especially the Idahoans) put out the lights the day after Halloween! In Joe City, that's would be considered a major seasonal-decorating faux pas. I remember one family, new to our town, who actually had their Christmas lights on a week before Thanksgiving, and I thought -what a bunch of ignorant heathens. I had no idea that outside of our little Who-ville, lots of people put the lights up early. I guess it does make a bit more sense when there's snow on the ground even before Halloween.
I think I like to wait to bust out the Christmas cheer because it makes it more special. It's not just dished out in heaping helpings whenever the urge rises; it's saved up until that special hour when at last all the anticipation culminates into an excitement that will last well into the end of December.
That brings a little more magic to the season, and it also safe-guards against the dreaded feeling of being "all Christmased out". Nothing is worse than being sick of Christmas on Christmas. It's a down-right shame.
Only a few more weeks left of this semester, and it's time to head back to Joseph City. I can hardly wait to be home with my family to enjoy all the magic of the Christmas Season!

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strongmom said...

We put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving, but I refuse to take the pumpkins away until after November, so we have them both out.