Friday, November 6, 2009


I had one full day. After 5 hours of sleep, I got up to get ready for class at 7:00am. I finally came home at 4:00 and had time for a 30 min. nap before my next class. I got done with that at 6:00. Then I went and worked on a t-shirt design for the Best Of committee (I haven't told you about this, have I?). The Best Of committee is in charge of the Best Of Show; we hand out ballots at several of the student talent events on campus, people vote on their favorite acts, and near the end of the semester, we have the Best Of Show with all the best acts. It's really pretty sweet. Anyway, I designed the T-shirt for it (our manager wants it to be pink). Then at 7:30 I went to hand out ballots at the Grand Pianos Live show. After that, I helped edit my design in the computer design lab with the final edits before we print our shirts.
As I went to leave for home at 10:30, I found that the Dart had a flat rear tire. I wasn't too concerned about it, as I've got a good spare in the trunk. Well, I had a good spare. It was also flat from sitting for a few years. Thankfully, a fellow geology major happened by and had his wife bring an air pump, yes the hand pump type you use to air up your bike tire. After about a good seven minutes or so of pumping, the spare was back in business and the Dart was good to go. That's only the second flat I've ever had. I think I'll buy an air pump to keep in the trunk.
That about does it -not too exciting of a post, but at least you're in the know.

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Alicia said...

What do you mean... "not too exciting"? What a crazy day! Schooling, designing, repairing.

Renaissance man.