Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Bit About Dating (again)

This is all just how I see it. I don't expect everyone to agree, but they should!

A bit of advice for guys or girls:
You have to know yourself before you can share yourself with anyone. I think some people get so concerned with finding a match, (and rightly so, when dating, pairing off, and marriage are empahasized so much) that they lose a sense of self.

Would it be fair to say that almost all personal drama young adults encounter stems from disappoinments in dating? If your dating life is your only life, when it ends, it hurts. But who can you blame? Create for yourself a life full and rich in many areas.
Then when dating goes bad, that's only a part of you that's taking it for the team.
("Just a flesh-wound").

College life should be a time to explore and experience, given the independence and freedom we have. It's an opportunity for personal development, growth, learning, and a lot of amazing times with fun people! You are going to miss out on a lot if all you care about doing is cuddling on a sofa with a person who's going to marry somebody else.

Don't go on a search for love. Embark on the journey of life. That is where you'll find someone. You'll find yourself. And possibly someone who's perfect for sharing yourself with. No, I'm not married -but am I concerned? Nope. Life is awesome! Marriage will come when it is meant to.


Kay said...

How did you get so smart?! "You have to know yourself before you can share yourself with anyone." I love that! You should write a book... :) I'm enjoying your blog, keep it up!

Kay said...

And by the way, you take great pictures!

Steven said...

Thanks Kay!