Monday, April 7, 2008

A Weekend Not to Be Forgotten

I am back, in one piece, from one of the neatest trips I've ever taken. Sadly, I am exhausted. And so the telling of tale of my travels shall have wait for another day. Until then, I leave you to reflect on this solitary picture.

Alright, I'm back to continue:
I am tired of trying to relate my road-trip experiences in a suitable format! There is way too much detail packed into it, and tons of amazing things to tell. I give up! I'm just going to free-write it and leave it!

9 companions -it was like the Fellowship of the Ring. Filling every seatbelt in the suburban, we headed up to Utah on Thursday afternoon. We stopped at Kilie's Uncle's place in Kanab for dinner and then drove the rest of the way. Kelsey's uncle let us camp out in their basement/guest suite in Sandy. Friday morning, we took the TRAX to Temple Square and went through the 11am session at the temple. I knew 4 other people in that session! The church sure makes the world small!

The girls in our group joined us at 2pm for baptisms. We went home and changed, then it was off to Provo for dinner at the Cafe Rio. There I met Kristopher Orr -one of "the Orr's" -the folks I grew to know so well in Fort Macleod, my first area in my mission. Cafe Rio is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone -even if they're vegan. This wouldn't stop me. It's THAT good.

After dinner, we went up to the mouth of Provo Canyon and had a bonfire and smores.

Then I got to go see Chalet Clonts in the Wyview Apartments and her brother Tyler for a while. That was awesome.

Then it was Conference. I took in Saturday morning's session in the Tabernacle, Saturday afternoon's session from about 12 rows away from the pulpit in the Conference Center, and Priesthood from the Terrace section (lower balcony) of the Conference Center.

It's hard to describe these amazing events and what I felt. It is a spiritual feast that brings satisfaction to my spirit.

I was in the theater in the visitor's center for Sunday morning, and on the road for the Sunday afternoon session. By 10:30, I was back home from my adventure and very satisfied. I can't wait for the talks to be available on the church website so I can start going over them again.

Preston Tenney, Ryan Salinas, me, and Bryant Boyer w/ Ryan Lee on top.

Shelly McCoy, Heather Rogers, Bryant Boyer, me, and Rhonda Gross.

'Til we meet again...

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Alicia said...

Glad you made it home. That picture is beautiful. Get some rest. Poor little lamb... :)