Monday, April 14, 2008


Sometimes I sit down with an itch to write something, but when I go to compose whatever it is, I draw a blank. Don't you just hate that? My blog posts would be a whole lot more interesting if I was able to capture some of the things going through my head before I fall asleep. I always keep a pencil and note cards by my bed, and I'll occasionally jot down notes of ideas or things I am thinking of. Nothing of any consequence, just bits of thoughts.

I am at the point of decision in my life. Nothing too major, but still. I have to decide what I want to do for the summer. Do I stay here in Flagstaff and work, work, work, and sometimes play -or do I move to Joseph City to be with my family before I move to Idaho? I could go to Hawaii, or move to Mexico to improve my Spanish by immersion, or even head to the east coast to sell pest control or security systems, or something like that.

I guess my natural inclination is to be with my family, but logic tells me to stay with my job. Regardless of what I choose, I plan on spending at least a month with my family before I move to Idaho in the fall. I really want my nieces to remember who "Uncle Steven" is before I leave for two years.

I know I'll miss my friends here in Flagstaff when I leave, but I guess my psyche has surrendered to the notion that people I meet in college aren't going to be in my life for very long -with the rare exception of course.

I have another decision. Do I pursue a BS in Geology or a BS in Earth Science Education? With a BS in Geology, my employment would almost always demand a location in proximity to a large city, whereas a BS in Earth Science Education would allow me great flexibility in work options. People probably think I'm crazy to even think about teaching High School, and science at that ---but it's not their life. I get to be the arbiter here.

Another thing I have to decide on is a minor. I'm thinking English, naturally. But is that the best choice? Is it that important what my minor is?

Well, as it turns out, I found something to write about -decisions. I guess I'll go change the title of this post from "What to Post . . ." to "Decisions". And now I've decided to end this post.


Kourtney said...

Ahh, the world of decisions. Et tu Brute? It never gets easier, I'll tell you that much. Go with your gut and when your gut is down, pray like the dickens and hope God is in a giving, decision making, feel good mood for you.

YES! you got my Singin' in the Rain line. SCORE! We really are cousins for eternity now.

Family is most important, that much I have figured out. But money is the one thing that allows you any type of privilege in the wrascally world today.

So yes, back to square one...decisions. Best of luck!

Alicia said...

I have heard that having English as a minor comes in handy-dandy for most people. Even cops. Cops with a degree in Criminal Justic with a minor in English write smashing reports. The superiors love 'em. Their co-workers would hate them, but they're so darn clever! Anyway, you've got such a knack for English, you might as well do it! It would be a swimming minor for you. Think how well it would sound, "I've got a (some degree here.... blah blah blah)..." to which the general reaction would be, "Oh?" And you would continue with, "with a minor in English" to which they would say, "Oooh! Really?! How very intersting! Tell me about it!"

Okay, what this all boils down to is that I want a degree -any degree really -in English. But I don't think it will ever happen. Will you be a dear and do it for me? *Eye bat*

Lacy will never forget you, bean head. At least not while we've got blogger.