Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence in Idaho

I've celebrated the Fourth of July in Arizona most all of my life, except for 2 years in Canada. This year, I celebrated in Boise. We had Thursday and Friday off school, so we made a LONG weekend out of it by leaving Rexburg Wednesday night. I'll give you the highlights rather than the play-by-play.

-We saw Transformers 2. It was okay. I wanted to play editor and chop out several characters and lines. A lot of it was completely unneccesary and dumb. But the battle sequences were really impressive.

-We went to Eagle Island Park and swam in the lake and rode the water slide. The water in the lake was a pale brown -not too inviting, but still fun.

-We went and played around in downtown Boise and had dinner on the balcony that overlooks downtown main. They had live entertainment -very cool. After dinner, we played in a fountain and some of my friends got SOAKED.

-I got to meet the families of a few of my friends.

-We floated the Boise River on an inner tube, then had a barbeque in the park while we waited for the fireworks to start.

-Watched the fireworks and had a blast!


strongmom said...

I was waiting for the update! Thanks for your dilligence. Your life is so fun! It is starting to be corn and watermelon time here. You might want to schedule a trip before summer's through.

Alicia said...

Swimming in brown water? That sounds like home to me!!

We missed you, but it looks like you had a great time. We all did too, but I heard a lot of "I wish Steve were here"s.

You're loved, man.

Cat said...

Hey Steven, sounds like you had a good time. life. I'm glad your taking advantage of every opportunity to go to new places & try new things. I've floated down a muddy river with friends a few times, I've never been so sunburned but it was a blast!