Saturday, July 25, 2009

A New Perspective

I spent most of my time today lugging my belongins (I typed that wrong. It should be "belongings" but I read it and laughed -so I'm leavin' it.) ...anyway, lugging my belongins across the apartment complex lot and up three flights of stairs. I was counting the number of trips I took. I stopped counting after nine. It's these type of exercises that make me question the worth of material things. I'm thinking it's time to down-size again. I think I'll take my rocks back to Arizona with me. That's a start.

So my apartment for the summer is on the top floor and I have a new view of things. Out of my front window, I see Moroni with his trumpet at the top of the Rexburg Temple. Out of the back window, other apartment complexes, the roofs (Doesn't it seem like it should be spelled "rooves"?) of houses and chapels in town, and a HUGE industrial-sized dumpster for the end-of-semester garbage items. A few minutes ago, a guy was inside the dumpster with a flashlight looking over the discarded goods. I can't say I blame him. I got a nice keyboard by doing the same thing in Flagstaff. It still plays beautifully.

I got to talk to Alicia (and Lacy) tonight, and that was the highlight of my night. I'm super excited to be heading down to Arizona in a few days. It's been nearly eight months since I was there last. It's high-time, I reckon.


Cat said...

High time indeed! I hope you have a movie night at Darcy's on your agenda. It will be the highlight of my summer for sure. Wer'e all excited to see you Steven, hope you have a safe trip home.

Steven said...

It should be a very safe and leisurely trip, broken up into two days. And I'm planning on that movie night (IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO!)