Monday, August 3, 2009

The Break

Ever Since I left Rexburg, I've been on the go. For reals. I got into Joseph City on Thursday afternoon. On Friday, I went with my Sister and her husband to Flagstaff. On Saturday afternoon, my friend Stormy passed through Jospeh City and stopped to see me -and I ended up going with her to Flagstaff.
Me, Stormy, and Becky met up with Jay at Cracker Barrel for dinner. We were taking pictures, joking, and laughing so much -I bet the other patrons were a more than a little annoyed. But we had fun.
Stormy couldn't wait to taste those steamed baby carrots.
On Sunday, Stormy (such a good friend) drove me back to Joseph City. Becky and Perla came with and got to meet a lot of my adorable family. This morning, I went to Winslow to get fresh ingredients for salsa. Tomorrow I'm taking a day-trip to Thatcher. Wednesday, I might head to Mesa for a day. And then who knows what adventures will pop up after that. At the end of the week, it's back up to Rexburg.
When I'm not out of town, I'm being chauffeured around town by the likes of this dashing young lackey:


Alicia said...


I like the picture of you and Jay. It was so fun seeing your friends!

Stormy said...

Thanks for adding that i'm a good friend! :) I'm glad I got to see you Stevee!