Friday, August 7, 2009

There and Back Again

I'm back in Rexburg after a wonderful week away.

Some after-trip thoughts:

-Joseph City is a little like Spain in some ways. The people are religious. They can be found wearing large-brimmed hats, working out in the field. They bring home fresh produce from the garden at the end of the day where it will be made into something flavorful. The older generation can usually be found taking "siesta" at around 1 in the afternoon. All we really lack is the European influence and salty sea air.

-There really is a lot to take in on the drive from Joseph City to Rexburg. Here are a few: The San Francisco peaks and surrouding cinder cone volcanoes, the Chinle Formation north of Flagstaff on the Hwy. 89, The Echo Cliffs monocline closer to Page on 89, the Glen Canyon Dam, the Vermillion Cliffs, tons of great sedimentary structures in the sandstone outcrops near Kanab, the Wasatch Mountain front -including the Wasatch fault scarp and Lake Bonneville terrace deposits, the Snake River Plain volcanic field, ...and that's just from a Geologists perspective. Life is never boring when you're surrounded by rocks. The world is an ancient history book; its pages are written in layers of stone.

-As much as I missed home, I was surprised how much I also missed Idaho when I was away. The people I left here, yes. But the place too. It's growing on me, like an eye on a spud.

-I like the freedom of having my own set of wheels again -even though the speedometer doesn't work ...and there's no AC ...and it rattles a bit ...still. I like it.

-Twelve hours behind the wheel can make you feel dizzy -and drained.

-The old Dart has seen a new state now! IDAHO!

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Stormis said...

Glad you made it back safe Stevee! :) It was so fun and so fetch to see you!