Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer, Friends, and a Break from School

The past few weeks, I've been able to enjoy summer for the season it is and take advantage of good weather and evenings full of fun with a smaller group of friends. I love the summer crowd! It's whittled down to a meager few, but those few get to know each other well and develop stronger friendship than they would if the group was larger. And that makes for a lot richer and enjoyable times together that we'll remember all our lives with a smile.

On Friday, our ward took a trip to Salt Like City. We left Rexburg at 7am and returned at 11:30pm. We toured Welfare Square and the Humanitarian Center. We also toured Temple Square and had some free time to tour around and look at whatever we chose. It was very rewarding and fun. I'm so glad our ward did this! I was especially impressed with the Humanitarian Center and Welfare Square. It's reassuring to see how the church uses its resources (and our donations) to bless humanity the world over.


Alicia said...

Danny wants to take me to Salt Lake City next summer, and I can't wait!! It looks beautiful.

These pictures are all great!

Andra said...

Fun! Yeah, you did miss out on animal-shaped pancakes with "Grandma Jana," but no hot chocolate.