Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Haunting Good Time

The night we'd been waiting for finally arrived. The four of us (Me, Mike, Evan, and Karla) piled into the Dart and headed out to Teton to .....duhn-duhn-duhn The HAUNTED MILL.
They'd added a few things since last year, and I was equally thrilled with it this year. During one part, you have to cross a bridge, and a dude down below controls some catapults that launch water at you. Last year, it only splashed a bit of my leg. This year, It got me square in the shoulder, soaking my whole left side.

The pictures are kind of cruddy, but it's the best I could do given the lighting of a dark October night, and doesn't it add a little to the creepy feel of it? I thought so.

So we survived! I wish I could take a video through it, because some of the reactions are classic. The spooks take it easy for a bit, you start to let your guard down, and that's when they come at you -full force. It's so fun.

Today, my throat feels like I cheered all night at a football game. I guess I really did scream a lot.

We might go again next Tuesday. Feel free to come along ...if you dare.
Victims waiting to enter:
Mike and Evan, trying to convince each other that this is a good idea:
Evan, Mike, and Karla looking very spooked as we wait in line:
The cursed Haunted Mill itself:

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Alicia said...

Danny would totally love going to something like that. Right now in Flag, they are having guided tours of the haunted hotels and stuff. I wanted to take him, but he's working during the times that they do them.