Friday, February 12, 2010


I've got issues.
No, really. I can't go to the grocery store without walking by the cilantro and wanting to buy a bunch.
Every time I have to reason with myself that I don't need it for anything.
I love the stuff. I get excited over fresh produce.
Today, I gave in and went ahead and bought some cilantro ...and the rest of the ingredients needed for the Cafe Rio Tomatillo dressing.

When I grow up (which, in fact, should be happening pretty soon), I want to have fresh herbs to cook with all the time. (That's not a marijuana reference)
I think I may have to start a little window-box herb garden. It would save money ---and add some spice to my life.

So now you know.


Steph said...

Can I just say amen to your last post?! In the middle of it, I thought, "I should send him the recipe for the Cilantro Ranch Dressing!" Glad you already know about it. It's a favorite of mine. Enjoy!

strongmom said...

I would love the recipe for the Cilantro Ranch Dressing! I have two bunches of cilantro in my fridge and several ripe avocados - I'm thinking homemade Mexican food tomorrow night. Please let me know where to find the recipe - I know I can always Google it, but I'd rather have the tried and true version. From you. In fact, I may need a whole chapter on recipes from Steven in my next Family Cookbook.

Steven said...

Steph, you should send me your recipe just so I can compare it to the one I have. It might be better!

Aunt Julie, I emailed the recipe to you. You're welcome! I love sharing with those who are truly appreciative.

Alicia said...

I want a window herb garden too.

And for the sake of old times, I wanted it first. I call it.

Steven said...

Eash, I never promised you an herb garden. And for old times' sake, I'm not going to, just to make you miserable.

MERN said...

As I was perusing through Fresh and Easy last night I found GOLD. I don't believe you have one in Idaho so I will explain... ITS THE BEST GROCERY STORE ever. It's Fresh, Plus its easy.. You get the idea. Everything expires within a couple of days because its all so fresh. So it's good for you, plus cheaper. They have a section with everything that is going bad within the next few days and its usually on sale for 50%. They had the biggest bushel of cilantro I have seen in my entire 25 years for .84 cents!
Have you seen the IKEA commercial with the wife RUNNING towards the car carrying bags of items yelling at her husband "START THE CAR"? Well thats what I felt like.
It was the Icing on my cake, The Gas to my car, the cilantro to my salsa.