Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's Been Fun

So I'm now in the two-hundreds. This makes 201 posts. I have to say, I'm really really glad I do this. Not only do my family and friends get to keep up with all my nonsense, but I am able to keep track of all the little details of life.

I've used some of my past blog entries to reference dates, to get pictures back after my jump-drives were stolen, to get entries to use in my public speaking class (like the entries of my before/after donating plasma for the first time).

There's something so intriguing about personal history. People can look at old photos for hours or get so wrapped up in reading an ancestor's journal (or somebody's blog) that they lose track of time and end up reading through the whole thing in one sitting.

A bit of my day: Today I went and held an exam review for the class I am a Teacher's Assistant for. They're awesome students. When we were discussing what time we wanted to have the review, I thought they'd want to wait 'til later (it being Saturday morning and all). The consensus was 9:00am, with 8:00am as a close second! That's almost unheard of for college students. Maybe they just wanted to get it over with and get on with their three-day weekend.

An atrocity: I heard something appalling the other day. A young guy I know was talking about how he's learning the song Free Fallin' on the guitar. That's not the appalling part, hold on. It's coming. Someone asked him, "Oh, Tom Petty?" His response was: "No, the new version by John Mayer. It's way better than the original."
I was floored. Does the younger generation scoff so easily at an immortal classic? I've heard the John Mayer version, and it kills me to hear him murder the song. Honestly. I'd probably be OK with it if it was another song, but you can't mess with perfection. Oh what sad times are these. Anyhow, as a tribute, I've added Free Fallin' -the real one, back to my playlist. And as a non-tribute, I have refused to add the John Mayer version.
I'm sorry, but I had to take a stand. The preservation of our country's musical integrity is on the line.

A highlight: I was at the plasma center again on Thursday afternoon. Their computer thinks I've lost weight. And I have. Their electronic scale showed that I'd lost a significant amount of weight, so it registered a re-check request. My finger-pricking female friend said "I'm gonna have to have you step back on the scale."


"It wants me to check you again because the number I entered is a lot less than usual. Have you lost weight?"

"Yeah, I have."

And then the computer needed a reason for the weight loss ...for the record, I guess.
"So, what's the cause of the weight loss, diet and exercise?"

"Yeah." I stated, quite pleased, flattered really.
That computer had noticed. And it'll only be a matter of time before others notice. Other people. Not computers.

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Cat said...

Kudos for defending the classics Steven! John Mayer, as if! Why anyone would ever re-record a classic piece of rock history is beyond me. The classics should be left alone to be enjoyed by thier appreciative listeners not re-made by those who have been famous for 5minutes & think they can even stand in the same musical shadow of the Tom Petty's of the world.