Sunday, February 14, 2010

What's in a VIN?

The long VIN (vehicle identification number) that's associated with your car isn't just a jumble of random letters and numbers. The numbers and letters actually mean something. It was interesting to go through the VIN for the Dart and see what it all meant.

The first letter is the car make: L = Dart

The second letter is the car series: H = Dart Custom

The next two digits are the body style: 41 = 4-door sedan

The fifth digit is the engine: C = 105 hp (1973-74) 1 bbl. slant-6

The sixth digit is the year the car was manufactured: 4 = 1974

The seventh digit is the assembly plant where the car was produced: R = Windsor, Ontario, Canada

The rest of the digits are the sequential production number, starting at 100,001.

So to determine which number my car was in the long line of production, I would subtract 100,000 from 294,150. It was the 194,150th Dart Custom produced at that plant in Ontario.

This might be a bore to most people. But it was pretty fascinating to me to know the detailed history of my old cruiser.

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