Friday, July 30, 2010

The Old Man

This post won't do him justice. If you know him, you'll agree. But I've got to post it regardless.

My dad is amazing. I'm always amazed at how he handles life. He's got more responsibilities than anyone I've ever known, most of them self-chosen, and he somehow manages to stay on top of them one way or another. I think there must be magic in that hat of his...
You see that? He's got a clip-on LED light for his cowboy hat. He was using it to grill up some incredible steaks the other night, and I'll bet he uses it while irrigating too.

Know what else? He used to use a slide-rule. I knew what one was, but had never seen one. Dad saved his from back in the day. How cool is that?
I didn't always fully appreciate his choice of vehicle when I was younger, but the old Scout has become a favorite. That thing can go anywhere. The doors may fly open from time to time, and dust may come through the holes in the floorboard, but that's all part of the fun. I love that Scout and I can see why my Dad does.
I could go on all day about how awesome my Dad is, but you really have to know him to appreciate it. We've got some big boots to fill.

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