Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Are You In?

Growing up, I remember hearing people reference the scripture about being "lukewarm". It's Revelation 3:16. It says, "So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will [spew] thee out of my mouth."

At the time, my concept of lukewarm was non-existent and I remember asking my Mom about the meaning of lukewarm and actually going to the kitchen faucet where she demonstrated what temperature lukewarm was, or close enough to be within a 0.01 degree error margin, for scientific purposes.

While I don't pretend to fully understand the meaning of all scriptural verse, this one says exactly what I've been feeling lately.

I'm not peeved, I just notice things that I dislike here and there, and then you get to hear about it.

Examples: Somebody, a leader or instructor, needs a head count. "How many of you need a copy of the syllabus?"

Slowly, limp and sagging limbs extend barely to within visible sight.

Why? This happens without fail in every group I've ever been in. And these aren't old feeble geezers (no offense intended), these are young adults.

I refuse to believe that they don't have the energy required to fully extend their arm and raise it into position above their head.
If you're raising your arm half-way, are you half-way committing? Does that mean you don't really need a copy of the syllabus, but it would be convenient?
Are you afraid of calling attention to yourself? Are you timid? Are you one of those rascals that loves to make the head-count difficult?

Without fail, this reminds me of another biblical event, when Moses had to have his arms propped up to ensure the victory of the Israelites. You know the story? Do the limp-armed people need someone to "lift up the arms that hang down"?

Compare this to a group of Kindergarten children. When they raise their hand, it's up high. It's sometimes even waving enthusiastically. It's visible to everyone in the room. What changes between then and now? There are the obvious answers, but honestly, think about that.

So here is my challenge: if you raise your hand, raise it high. Go all in. Refuse to go feeble and flimsy. Let this also be applied to commitment in all other aspects of life.

One thing I can't stand is people backing out or completely neglecting their commitments. I would rather have someone say that they are not going to do something than to say they will with the intent of not following through. I think some people say they'll do something just to please somebody momentarily. This just won't do.

I try to guard my own actions and make sure that I'm never semi-committed. That's why sometimes I'll just say no. It may come across as blunt or unpleasant, but that's not intentional. I just have to be true. Know what I mean?

As Ben Bailey says, "So what do you say -are you in?"


Alicia said...

The picture that you put with this post is purrrrrfect. It makes me laugh so hard!!

What great thoughts and thank you for sharing them!

I think this subject would be great for your pageant platform.

Wendy said...

I was just thinking that my K-3 students are NOT half hand raisers...and then you gave that example, ha! Good post.

Cat said...

I'm with you on this Steven! If your going to do something say so...if not say so!