Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I knew I'd be excited for it. You knew I'd be excited for it, 'cuz I told ya I would be. The flowers are wilting, their petals are fading, but I've got all the wonderful sensations of fall to compensate for the loss.

I've been itching to post these photos, and now the time has come. Or, as Albert's mother would say, "The time we knew would come at last, has come at last." Anyways...
I went back to the Pumpkin patch in Idaho Falls this year. And me in a pumpkin patch is very much like a kid in a candy store. No joke. Enjoy the photos, and Happy Fall!


Wendy said...

Ok...I must go to a Pumpkin Patch now!

Cat said...

Great pics Steven! Things are starting to change here too. Love it!