Friday, October 22, 2010

But It's FUNNY!

I hear this a lot.
I can understand the need for a good laugh.
I dearly love to laugh.

However, laughter was never sufficient to justify other atrocities. I'll explain.
I have almost no tolerance for some TV shows. Let me list them for you.

The Family Guy
South Park

There are others, but those are the prime examples. All other elements aside for a moment, I'd like to focus on two: humor and vulgarity.
Each of these shows have elements of both, with vulgarity far outweighing the humor. The sole justification for watching these shows is always humor.

You do realize that you're getting the impact of all of the other elements of the show too, right? You know that crummy feeling you have after watching that kind of show? You know the one -the opposite of uplifted. Don't try to deny it. You may have a few laughs to relish, but is it worth it?

It's like that with most stupid-to-do things. Cigarettes have a nicotine rush. Does that make the rest of the effects good? Both science and experience say no.

I've had people try and tell me about "this funny part of an episode", and they don't understand when I stop them and politely refuse.
"But it's FUNNY!"

You'll have to come up with something better than that. I can see right past it.


Misty Dunny said...

I totes agree, my prime example is Jersey Shore! Stevis, you make such a good point. Love you so much, oh you keep me young.

Cat said...

AMEN to that! I hate how they make it a cartoon to appeal to kids! I only watch reruns of old shows anymore...I can honestly say that I don't watch any new sitcoms, they are all full of trash. Your right it's mindless television & a complete waste of time!

I'll get off my soap box now...