Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall Flattery

Tomorrow is the official calendar day of the start of Autumn. I'm pretty excited. I know that it also means the start of colder weather, but there's something that I love about Fall that thrills me every time it comes. The leaves are turning colors and falling. Yesterday was a rainy day in Rexburg. I got caught at the school studying, without a jacket. So I had to dash home in the downpour for my lunch break.
Later in the evening, I went to the Center Stage performance at the Kirkham Auditorium. It was a show by a 4-man group called Buckets and Tap Shoes. These guys were really amazing, and very entertaining.
Today was chilly, but nice.
The picture at the start of the post was sent to me by my sister. Her daughter Lacy saw this ad and thought the model was me. I don't really see the resemblance. The closest I'll ever get to modeling was a project involving dusty clothes, a dam, and muddy water. But whatever gets your name out there, you know...
Lacy knows my potential. The faith of a child is a beautiful thing.


Alona said...

Fall is the best! I think ours will be a lot more mild than yours! :)

Andra said...

Actually, Lacey is just a brilliant and observant kid! I also thought the picture was you at first glance. Not facially, but more as a form/stance thing.

Alicia said...

I love fall too. It smells like school.

I'm jealous of your rain. Package some up, won't ya?

I'm glad I snapped that picture. Now I'm only lamenting that I didn't get one of the black athlete that she thought was Kimmi.

kimmy t said...

Little Miss Lacy has quite a sense of recognition...I think it just means she loves us! While I know it isn't getting nearly as cold here as it is there I am enjoying fall as well. You and Alicia crack me up with some of your posts just so ya know. Hope your loving Idaho.