Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Day

That's Bryce up above donating plasma for the very first time today. I was seated right across from him (see my feet?) for my second time ever. (Not the greatest photo, but what can you ask from a one-armed blood-pumper?)

For my Book of Mormon class, we studied the topic of grace and then wrote a 3-5 page essay about it. We then met in smaller groups of class members to discuss what we'd learned and have a sort of testimony meeting. It's my first class of the day, and what a great way to start out. I love this Book of Mormon class. Our instructor (from Arizona -rock on!) really gets the students involved. It's so much better than what some of my other religion instructors have done: turned each lecture into an exhibition of knowledge. You know which one is the most effective teacher by how you feel in and after class.

After doing this project, I was amazed at how much I learned from simply taking one word and studying it. I think I should fill a jar with one-word study topics and make that my new study pattern.

Now a qualm: Anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy people. I like to get to know them. I may be a little reserved at first (but not so much anymore), but I really do love getting acquainted with a variety of people. I've said it before: that's what makes life fun and flavorful. So here's the qualm: some lady friends of mine expect me to focus all my attention on their elite group. If they catch wind of me visiting any other girls in the ward, they get miffed. They accuse me of ditching them.

Now, I don't like to be told what to do, especially when it comes to matters so completely personal as my choice of friends. So when anybody gets demanding or clingy, the rebel inside me wants to say "If that's the game you're playing, sorry. I'm not a pawn."

If they want exclusive friendship from Mr. Stevee, they can forget it! I don't do that! If we're talking about a more permanant situation like marriage, exclusive is key. But nobody will ever make me feel guilty for reaching out to more people. Have they forgotten hw I met them? We owe our friendship to my desire to meet new people.

Not to say that I'm flighty. I think I'm being realistic in my loyalty to my friends. If they can respect that, we'll be just fine.

So there you have it. Cliques be darned -I'm not stickin' to one group. Nobody should.


Alicia said...

"I am not a prize to be won!"

You've got a good head on your shoulders. I wonder if I might borrow it sometime. Trenton stayed up until 2:30 am, just talking and playing and clapping... (you can't let him cry himself to sleep when you're guests at someone's house and sleeping in their living room) I'm supposed to be on vacation!! I guess I still am. I'm just a zombie.

Stormis said...

Wait a second here Mr.Stevee!! You mean to tell me that you hang out with other girls besides ME!? That is SO not okay! ha ha ha, love you stevee!

Steven said...

Alicia -thank you. I'm glad someone understands. Be grateful for your freedom. No curfew for you -you're the Mom now. Nobody to tell you when bedtime is. Well, I guess your kids do. My bad.

Sturm, I have 5 little words for you: New school, new babe-pool. ha ha. Shut up, I love that jealousy on you.