Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Day

Look at these awesome clouds! This was taken with my phone, and yet they're still amazing.
-I stayed up until 2am messing around with stuff on the computer. Some homework, some just for fun. Bryce called me around then, and got me laughing for the next 30 minutes.

-After the late hours I kept, I slept through my Book of Mormon class. Oops! Darn.

-8:45 I went to my geochemistry class and tried to tackle some problems that involved calculus. I'm completely clueless there.

-12:00 got out of geochem and had lunch at the cafeteria while I worked on my homework for Physics.

-1:00pm arrived at the auditorium for devotional, practiced with the choir.

-2:00pm devotional with Pres. Eyring. I sang in the choir. He talked about the blessing of having both a church school and a temple so close to us.

-3:00pm Physics lab until 5:45pm.

-6:00pm prepped for a department tour. Some high school students are coming tomorrow and I've got them for an hour. It should be fun.

-7:00pm recorded voice-overs for a friend in the communication dept. They'll be using my voice in a video ad for an upcoming talent event. (Ooh, the fame)

-8:30pm tutor session with a Geology 102 student, going over all the rock types in preparation for her rock quiz.

-9:45pm walked home in the rain

-10:15pm got it all blogged.

-I think I should go see Bryce. I need to laugh.


strongmom said...

Julie C. is my Bryce. She keeps me laughing. I can tolerate all kinds of days, and all I have to do is call her for a few minutes. You're so lucky to have such great aunts.

jody j balda said...

I love the pics of the cloud. don't you just love to have a good laugh. I don't think I have had a good laugh in a long time. I think maybe I need to find things in my life everyday that is funny and laugh. That is to say if there is something funny.