Monday, June 8, 2009

Long Day Ahead

Oh bother. Well, kind of.

What a way to start my post. Well, here's the deal. Tuesdays are my most stacked day. My first class starts at 7:30am, then I don't get done with classes until 5:30pm. So that's the bother. I seldom make it into the shower prior to the start of that early class, so I end up having a shower around 6:00pm when I finally get home. And I always seem to take a few extra minutes in the shower then. I mean, I know there's no need to be concerned about conserving hot water at that time of day, and after having a Tuesday's helping of work-load, a warm shower is just too dang relaxing for it to last only five minutes.

This Tuesday is brightened by the fact that Pres. Henry B. Eyring is coming to speak at devotional, and I'll be singing in the choir. Pretty exciting. I'm excited. And yet, that's one more thing to fit into my schedule. It'll be worth it, though.

And after my last class today, I'll be heading to the Geology Lab to help tutor a student. Then I'll be off to help a friend with a project. She needs someone to be the narrator voice for a video ad for a campus event. I'm their first choice. Like I said, long day.

I signed a contract for Fall semester today. I haven't got my track changed officially, and until I do, I can't even register for classes. But I'm going for it. I'm hanging on to hope and giving it my all to make it happen. I don't want to be stuck here in the Winter. I don't know what I'll be doing that semester, but I'm kind of hoping it involves Arizona, family, friends, and more sunshine than I could ever hope for. Knowing my luck, I'll find some job up here for the winter semester and stay here. If I do, please take the opportunity to call me up and remind me that I've lost my mind. I won't be offended.

I have a confession. I think I'm going to fail my Physics class. It's an online course. (Whoever thought that an online Physics course was a good idea was an idiot -sorry. That's not very nice)
It requires personal commitment to succeed. And I'm having extreme difficulties dedicating myself to something I despise with the vigor of a hurricane. I've been trying to commit to working with a tutor to see if I can make sense of any of this mess, and there is no desire behind that objective.
Physics holds no allure. It's the type of stuff that makes me want to get as far from it as possible. It's so concerned with the stupid gritty details that it neglects any beauty, majesty, or thrill that may be connected with it.

Other than that, school is excellent. The weather is beutiful, and life is pretty exciting.

Don't forget to smile today! Reach out to strangers! Laugh at life! Even if you're not doing so hot in physics!

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jody j balda said...

I feel for you with the whole physics class. I have classes that just make me crazy trying to figure it all out. Mostly math. Any way I am sure you will do fine. And I do hope to see you down her this winter. That would great!