Monday, June 22, 2009

"Hey, Science Guy!"

Today as I walked through the Lobby of the MC building, I passed a guy who recognized me and said, “Hey, Science guy!”

How did he know? I wasn’t even wearing my nerd badge (which is actually my collection of flash drives attached to a lanyard that I normally drape ‘round my neck –which was recently stolen, hence my not wearing it). It took me about half an hour to realize that he’s one of the students in the science foundations course that I’m a Teacher’s Assistant for. Ah hah.

I gave plasma for the third time on Friday. So far, I’ve made $90, with $20 still to come since Bryce listed me as his reference. I’m planning on going in with Bryce again tomorrow afternoon. It’s fair to say that I’m capitalizing on my conquered fear. Now that is an accomplishment.

I've had to (once again) visit academic advising to try and get my track changed. After a couple of weeks of planning and negotiation, I've got the papers submitted to have it all taken care of. The draw-back is that class registration is in full-sway, and I can't register for classes until I'm granted that track change. It's interesting how much quality learning is sacrificed to the requirements of 'the system'. BYU Idaho is the only church school that is geared toward rushing students through in order to accommodate more students. It's lovely that more people get the opportunity to come to school, but should we really sacrifice education (real learning) to accommodation? That's a delicate balance, and one that I don't think is being handled very well at this point. I could go on about this all day, but I'll spare you the grief.

It's somewhat sunny today, but the clouds are looming. I think we may see some rain again before the day's out.


Alicia said...

You really have conquered! That's a lot of plasma, man.

Good luck with your track changing woes.

Cat said...

Hey Steven, when you head back down here, lasso a cloud & bring it home with ya! I think I read that in a book a very long time ago, "Pecos Bill" I believe. Anyway "Science Guy" can we start calling you the Plasma King? "He came, he conquered, he rules!" Or in your case, "he rocks!"

Andra said...

Have you ever noticed that it's not just one petition? Once I had to petition to three different departments about the same thing, and be approved by each one independent of the others. Good times.

Take it.