Sunday, June 14, 2009


There are some things that my mind associates with this awesome season. Here's the list:

-Otter Pops No matter what kind of day it is, you always know that your friends, the otters, in their multi-flavored, colorful coolness are waiting for you. There's an unwritten rule about Otter Pops; they are meant to be enjoyed with a friend. By the way, I love Otter Pops. And otters. And friends.

-The Smell of BBQ There's nothing quite like the smell of something on the grill, waiting to be enjoyed by a summer crowd.

-Swimming Pools! I wish I could swim every day. I love the water.

-Lemonade I cheat, and have lemonade all year round, but it always reminds me of summer. Maybe that's why I want it all year round.

-Drenching Rainstorms I love a good thunder-filled downpour. I've always liked the rain. Maybe it's because we don't see a lot of it where I grew up. But when it decides to come, come it does. And my Dad's hay is always ready for it. (poor guy)

-Sunday Afternoon Walks There's nothing like the calm of a Sunday on a sunny summer's afternoon. These walks are great, whether you're on your own a-pondering, or with a friend a-wandering. It makes me want to go out right now, but today's rainy.

-Water in the Ditch Summer is the season when irrigation is in full operation. Late nights, early mornings, flashlights, gophers, shovels, mud, granola bars, the International Scout takes me back to my high school days -and lots of adolescent grumbling. I miss it.



-Fun Times

If you aren't enjoying summer to its fullest, take something from the list. I'm sure Gale wouldn't mind a hand with the irrigation.


Cat said...

Hey Steven. Well true to form it rained on your dad's first cutting this week. I swear, he's the rain maker. Who needs a rain dance, just get Gale to cut his hay. I agree, summer is the best. Julianne was driving the scout around today. It always makes me think of 3 boys with long & tired faces out irrigating or haulin' hay. I wonder if it still has a hole in the floor board?

Steven said...

Oh boy. It's not even a joke anymore. It will rain when he cuts hay.
Yes, there's still a hole in the floorboard. It's the next best thing to Air Conditioning of later models.

Alicia said...

I used to pretend that eventually the hole would wear away completely and Dad could "drive" his car like Fred Flinstone.

He'd look good barefoot and in a animal wrap.