Sunday, June 7, 2009

So Stupid

Lately I've thought a lot about stupidity. I've heard a lot of gripes about how annoying stupid people are. I've got some thoughts about that.

First, I think I used to get annoyed by stupidity in general. Life teaches some little lessons as we go along, and those who are keen enough, they learn a great deal.

Second, stupidity is a relative term. When I hear someone complaining about how stupid someone is for doing some dumb thing ---I think an illustration would help.

I know a guy who works as a tech support guy for an internet provider. Well, he's got this irk about people calling in with issues that could've been solved if the person had just read what was on their screen. He thinks these people are stupid. Well, in their defense, they had to be intelligent enough to find a tech support phone number and succeed in calling it to work out a problem. This reflects at least a primary level of intelligent thought. And why is this guy irked over something like this? These "stupid people" are his job security. The ones he calls idiots ensure that he'll be employed for months and months to come. If he's complaining about dealing with stupid people, maybe he shouldn't be a tech support guy. I think it's kind of stupid of him. So there you go -the ones who complain about stupidity in others are letting their own stupidity shine in the very act of complaining. What do they expect from the world? In case they hadn't noticed, the world is full of all different levels of intelligence. Surprising, I know. Heaven forbid you should run into someone not as smart as you, dummy.

Third, if you're letting yourself be bothered by stupidity, you're missing out on a lot of good real-world experience. I'm serious. I'm not promoting stupidity; I believe in education and improvement. But interacting with the "stupid" people is what gives life vibrance, flavor, and balance. I can't imagine what life would be like without that opposing factor. Lehi understood this principle. I'm just starting to get it.

Fourth, I've found stupid folks (in general) to be amazingly resourceful and at the same time, entertaining. They've survived in this world of "intellectuals" thus far; they must have some sort of "street smarts" or whatever you'll call it.
I used to shy away from those uncomfortable situations involving stupid or weird people. I'd feel awkward or uncomfortable and not know how to react. Now I thrive on these situations! You'll come away with a great story to tell every time!

I hope I'm not coming off as arrogant. In talking about "stupid" people, it kind of sounds like I'm placing myself in a higher position, "above" the stupidity. Let's be real honest, we've all got a little bit of stupidity hidden behind our smart faces. Little by little, we learn to overcome it, or in many cases, hide it really well.

Since I've realized all of this, I've found myself gritting my teeth less, laughing more, and enjoying life a whole lot.

Complain all you'd like; I'll take a stupid person over an irritable one any day.


Alicia said...

I think there are a lot of normal people that just have "stupid" moments.

Staring at the pin pad at a cashier's counter, I once asked the cashier what the "cash" option was (there was a button for Debit, Credit, Check, Food stamps...). He just laughed and said, "That would be me."
That was a seriously stupid moment for me.

What's more...
Sure this guy knows a lot about technology. Good for him! We need people like him! But I'm sure all of the "stupid" people on the other end of the tech support line could out-smart him in other areas. The first that comes to my mind is the football field (and possibly the weight room).

But what do I know?

Not much about technology.
So I guess that makes me stupid.

jody j balda said...

this brings to mind one of my stupid moments after my mission I used to go to Mr.G's in Holbrook for a toasted sub every day one day I thought I would look at the menu and try something new I saw something "pastrami" . I asked what is Pasta-rami, guy said "pastrami" and looked at me like I was an idiot. But little did he know I actually made the mistake because I spoke two languages and was accidentally reading in Dutch. I wasn't stupid I was just a little turned around.
That was only one of my many stupid moments. I liked this blog Steven very insightful. I like that you can take from your experiences and use them for good...and not evil anymore.

Steven said...

No, I shall use all my intelligent power for good and just causes.

strongmom said...

I love your insight. We may use this perceptive angle for a FHE. At times, issues arise in our family and this may be the perfect lesson material. Thanks.

Cat said...

This guy would've loved me! I once called tech support because my screen wouldn't turn on. The very kind & I'm sure amused person on the other end of the line helped me to realize that the power button was turned off on my monitor. Thank you for defending those of us who are technically challeged. I totally agree with your prospective, I think I gave the guy a funny story to tell & a good laugh to lighten his day. He should thank me!

Lindy said...

I give you a hearty "AMEN". This is just what I needed before I go into work today. :) The so called "stupid" ones, provide the best material for the "And how was your day?" question. Thanks for the reminder.