Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time for News

Paul Harvey said it best.

Well, today I submitted my Grad Plan and all the neccesary documents for changing my track. I can't register for next semester until that gets approved and the track is changed. So all the freshman will be filling up the classes, and I'll be sitting by, watching and waiting, crossing my fingers that somehow by some crazy miracle, I'll still be able to get into the classes I need. It's kind of a tedious task, planning out your entire academic carreer. I'm so glad to be done with that part.

I paid my registration fee for my new apartment contract. I'll be living in the same complex (Somerset) but in #110 with Bryce, his brother Brenden, and my friends Zach and Mike. I'm looking forward to that semester.

Lately I've been putting a lot of thought into bringing my car up here. It's been nice not worrying about anything car-related for a full year, but I'm about ready to have some of those worries back with their accompanying freedoms.

If things go according to plan, my last semester here will be Summer semester of 2011. That means that anyone coming to the graduation will get to see Rexburg in July and not December. Yes, I was thinking of you when I planned that.

I learn something new about Bryce every day. Here's the latest and greatest: before his mission, Bryce worked a lot of jobs. One of them was dressing as a super-hero (Superman, Spiderman, or Batman) and entertaining kids at birthday parties. That involved playing games with them, face-painting, tying ballons...
His has more talents than I knew! (beyond those evident when we play Rock Band)

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Andra said...

Wow! 2011 seems like a long time away!